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Dana Holtzman
Founder and Executive Chairman

Dana Holtzman is a spiritual entrepreneur, a writer and a teacher. She has an insatiable passion for teaching and helping others to achieving their goals.

She has a holistic approach for business writing and teaching and a strong passion for the connection between business mind, body and soul.

She is an app developer and the founder of the Chopstix Pan Asian food chain which commenced in 2008 ,bringing high quality Asian delicacies to the Australian dining community.

A self-confessed foodie, Dana’s international experience traverses the world from Tel Aviv to Paris and from New York to Melbourne.

She is passionate about bringing her dining and lifestyle experience to others.

Dana is currently developing the To Go Hospitality brand into a nationwide Australian group.

Her commitment to socially – conscious enterprises in the field of childhood cancers and child trafficking ,bring a philanthropic aspect to the TO GO group with an emphasis on social programs in this sphere.

Her commitment to helping others by giving back to those less fortunate is an integral part of who she is as a human being and citizen of the world.


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