“My brain is tingling following this meditation. While the breathing felt fast, the timing of the vibrations was also somehow just right.”


“The fast pace forces you to concentrate on the mechanics of breathing and the variability of the pace makes you aware of the effects of the differing oxygen-CO2 proportions and how you feel as a result. Definitely a good primer for breathing exercises.”


“Totally amazing. So that’s what focusing on the breath for 15mins! There is no choice but to surrender. I was able to go deeper into some uncomfortable feelings. Thank you. An extraordinary experience. I will be doing this often. “


“This is the first time I have tried this form of meditation–very interesting and the rhythmic breathing was very helpful. Thank you for your time and effort here.”

Lisa Adams

“15 minutes passed like a moment. Sometimes sound of bowl is very loud in moment of attack, may be you need to normalize level of sound. Namaste!”


“I found this to be calming not sure why exactly.”


“A simple but effective meditation!”